Impact Area Groundwater Study Program

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The Impact Area Groundwater Study Program is committed to the cleanup of groundwater contamination and its sources at Camp Edwards on Joint Base Cape Cod (formerly the Massachusetts Military Reservation). These efforts are designed to protect public health and safety, and to restore the aquifer that is a source of drinking water for the four towns located on the upper portion of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The Impact Area Groundwater Study Program was initiated by the National Guard Bureau in 1996 to investigate possible areas of groundwater and soil contamination on base. Currently, the program is transitioning from investigation to cleanup with the initiation of several proposed interim cleanup actions. These actions will address one of the main areas of groundwater contamination by treating up to one-half million gallons of groundwater a day. They will also include the removal and treatment of approximately 30,000 tons of contaminated or potentially contaminated soil that is potentially contributing to groundwater contamination. Previous interim actions already cleaned 1,800 tons of contaminated soil, removed metal from 6,200 tons of soil and rock, and extracted 50 tons of lead, which formerly was used on the firing ranges.

In addition to these activities, the Impact Area Groundwater Study Program is continuing its work to identify and fully define areas of soil and groundwater contamination both on and emanating from the base. A final cleanup plan for each area will be presented for evaluation as these investigations are completed.

The Impact Area Groundwater Study Program staff works closely with state and federal environmental regulators to ensure that cleanup activities are conducted properly, efficiently and in accordance with all regulatory standards. The program also seeks input from residents of neighboring towns regarding the investigation and proposed interim and final cleanup solutions.

This web site is designed to engage community members in the decision-making process, as well as inform them of the Impact Area Groundwater Study Program's findings and proposed cleanup actions. If you have questions or comments or would like more information, please e-mail us.

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