Impact Area Groundwater Study Program

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Contacts - Who's Who at the Impact Area Groundwater Study Program

A listing of the Impact Area Groundwater Study Program staff at the Joint Base Cape Cod who are here to both lead the project and serve the community:

Lieutenant Colonel Shawn Cody MMR Liaison 508-968-5834
Ben Gregson Remediation Manager 508-968-5821
Dave Hill Remediation Specialist 508-968-5621
Pamela Richardson Community Involvement Specialist 508-968-5630
Lori Boghdan Community Involvement Specialist 508-968-5635
Karen Wilson Natural Resources Specialist 508-968-5624
Marcia Goulet Archivist 508-968-5627

The Impact Area Groundwater Study Office is located at:
PB0515 West Outer Road
Camp Edwards, MA 02542
Fax 508-968-5286

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