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News Release
July 17, 2001

(Camp Edwards, MA) — The Impact Area Groundwater Study Program (IAGWSP) office has notified the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) that it plans to blow-in-place two unexploded munitions on Thursday, July 19th. The items are an 81 mm mortar located at the High Use Target Area (HUTA) portion of the Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR) and a 37 mm projectile located at the Former A Range portion of MMR. This event will have no impact outside the boundary of the MMR and does not affect the buffer zones established with the Sandwich School Committee and the Sandwich Selectmen. The munitions will be blown-in-place between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

The detonation of these munitions does not pose a threat to public safety. Disposal in this manner eliminates a potential safety hazard to groundwater study and Range Control personnel.

Army National Guard contractors will be responsible for detonating the munitions and sampling the soil at the locations for residual explosive compounds. If any contamination is found, the soil will be removed and disposed of in accordance with applicable regulations.

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If you have any questions regarding these activities or need more information on the IAGWSP, please contact:
IAGWSP: Tina Dolen, Senior Community Involvement Specialist, (508) 968-5629
EPA New England Region 1: Todd Borci, (617) 918-1358 or (888) 372-7341 X81358
MADEP: Ellie Grillo, Community Involvement Coordinator, (508) 946-2866

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