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News Release
September 25, 2003

Contract Awarded for Soil Cleanup Activities at Camp Edwards

Camp Edwards, Mass. — The Impact Area Groundwater Study program today announced the award of a contract for its first large-scale soil cleanup action at Camp Edwards on the Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR).

The contract, with Environmental Chemical Corporation of Pasadena, Calif., is for the excavation of approximately 25,000 tons of soil contaminated or potentially contaminated with explosives chemicals and perchlorate. The soil will be removed from a 7.4-acre site known as Demolition Area 1 that was formerly used for munitions burning and detonation. This will be the second largest soil cleanup at the MMR to date.

According to Kent "Hap" Gonser, program manager for the Groundwater Study Program, this contract marks the program's transition from investigation to cleanup. "This is the first step toward fulfilling our commitment of cleaning up the contamination found by our investigations at Camp Edwards. By removing this soil, we will eliminate a continuing source of groundwater contamination and a potential risk to human health and the environment."

The excavation work is part of soil and groundwater interim cleanup actions proposed for Demolition Area 1 by the Groundwater Study Program earlier this year. The plan for soil cleanup calls for the removal and treatment of previously disturbed soil in the center of the site. According to Groundwater Program Remediation Specialist Paul Nixon, the area will be excavated to depths ranging from one foot to more than eight feet, and will result in the removal of approximately 15,000 cubic yards of soil.

In preparation for the soil removal, work currently is underway on the removal of all metallic debris, including any munitions and related items from the soil. This work began in July and will be completed in late October. ECC also is responsible for this portion of the cleanup project.

Excavation work will begin in November, with completion scheduled for February 2004. Current plans call for soil from Demolition Area 1 to be treated on base to remove contamination from the soil. Finalization of the soil treatment workplan is expected in the next month.

Contract Awarded for Soil-2-2-2-2

The Groundwater Study Program is conducting an investigation and cleanup of the northern 15,000 acres of the Massachusetts Military Reservation that comprise Camp Edwards. With several areas of investigation now being largely defined, the program is proposing several interim cleanup actions designed to remove contaminated soil, which potentially could be sources of groundwater contamination. Interim actions to begin groundwater cleanup also are being proposed. The Demolition Area 1 excavation is the first of several planned for completion in the next year.

Additional investigations and work on the feasibility study process, which will evaluate the final cleanup solutions for each area of investigation, will be ongoing during the completion of the interim actions.

Environmental Chemical Corporation has more than 18 years of experience in performing environmental remediation. With more than 300 employees and nine offices, ECC performs soil, groundwater and unexploded munitions remediation projects for the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as other public and private clients on a worldwide basis. They began working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in New England in 1997, and with Air Force and Army cleanup programs at the Massachusetts Military Reservation in 1999.

The excavation contract was awarded to Environmental Chemical Corporation by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, New England District, which is the supervising contractor for the Groundwater Study Program.

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For more information, contact:
Christine Dolen, Groundwater Study Program, (508) 968-5629
Todd Borci, EPA New England Region 1, (617) 918-1358 or (888) 372-7341 ext. 81358
Ellie Grillo, MADEP Community Involvement Coordinator, (508) 946-2866

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