Impact Area Groundwater Study Program

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The Impact Area Groundwater Study Program is committed to the cleanup of groundwater contamination and its sources at Camp Edwards on Joint Base Cape Cod. These efforts are designed to protect public health and safety, and to restore the aquifer that is a source of drinking water for the four towns located on the upper portion of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The Army National Guard’s Impact Area Groundwater Study Program (IAGWSP) at Camp Edwards located on Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC) began in 1997 when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued four Administrative Orders requiring investigations and cleanup actions. The site is the only operational range to have training stopped due to Safe Drinking Water Act enforcement actions. Working in cooperation with the EPA and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the IAGWSP is investigating and remediating groundwater contamination and its sources in the northern 15,000 acres of Camp Edwards, as well as areas off-base.

In 2004, the IAGWSP constructed the first of seventeen groundwater treatment systems to begin treating groundwater contamination. These interim treatment systems were employed to allow cleanup to begin quickly on the plumes that had the highest levels of contamination or those that had any potential to impact public or private drinking water supplies. These sites had treatment in place until a Decision Document (DD) could be completed and the final remedial action implemented. Most of the IAGWSP plumes are confined to the installation. Homes in the areas where the few off-post plumes are located are on town water. No public or private drinking water supplies are affected by any of the IAGWSP plumes.

DDs have been issued for all of the IAGWSP sites. Five sites have active groundwater treatment systems and long-term monitoring, seven sites have a requirement for long-term monitoring only, and two sites have no further action and have been completed. The Massachusetts National Guard has been able to resume training activities in areas that have been investigated and cleaned up.

The Impact Area Groundwater Study Program staff works closely with state and federal environmental regulators to ensure that cleanup activities are conducted properly, efficiently and in accordance with all regulatory standards. The program also seeks input from residents of neighboring towns regarding the investigation and proposed interim and final cleanup solutions.

This web site is designed to engage community members in the decision-making process, as well as inform them of the Impact Area Groundwater Study Program's findings and cleanup actions. If you have questions or comments or would like more information, please e-mail us.

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