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News Release
January 20, 2004

Open Detonations Planned for Thursday

Camp Edwards, Mass. — Open detonations are scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 22, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at Camp Edwards on the Massachusetts Military Reservation to destroy a 105-millimeter projectile and a 5-inch rocket.

Both detonations will be conducted at least one mile from any residential areas. There is no risk to nearby residents.

The projectile was found inside the Impact Area boundary during site clearance for a new groundwater-monitoring well being installed as part of the Groundwater Study Program's cleanup and investigation activities. The well will help define an area of groundwater contamination migrating from the former training and defense contractor testing site known as the J-1 Range.

The rocket was uncovered during the first phase of an interim soil cleanup action being conducted by the Impact Area Groundwater Study Program. The Groundwater Study Program is removing all unexploded munitions and related items from the Demolition Area 1 site as part of the excavation and treatment of 25,000 tons of contaminated or potentially contaminated soil.

The projectile is being destroyed by open detonation because explosive experts have determined it may contain explosives and is unsafe to move. Safe-to-move items that potentially contain explosives are taken to a safe storage facility for destruction in a contained detonation chamber. Munitions items that do not contain explosives are recycled as scrap.

Following an open detonation, the soil is tested for explosives compounds and if necessary, covered, and scheduled for removal and disposal in accordance with applicable regulations.

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For more information, contact:
Kristina Curley, Public Affairs, Groundwater Study Program, (508) 968-5626
Pam Richardson, Groundwater Study Program, (508) 968-5630
Todd Borci, EPA New England Region 1, (617) 918-1358 or (888) 372-7341 ext. 81358
Ellie Grillo, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, (508) 946-2866

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