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Awards for Environmental Excellence

IAGWSP is recognized for excellence in environmental programs by the Army and Department of Defense.

The IAGWSP was recently recognized by the Army and the Department of Defense for excellence in environmental programs. IAGWSP received first place from the Secretary of the Army for Environmental Restoration. This award made the IAGWSP eligible to represent the Army in the 2020 Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards Program where the program went on to win the 2020 Secretary of Defense Environmental Award for Environmental Restoration.

Secretary of the Army for Environmental Restoration: For their work and great progress mitigating past environmental impacts while increasing military training capabilities, the Massachusetts Army National Guard has earned a 2020 First Place Award from the Secretary of the Army for Environmental Restoration (Installation). The Secretary of the Army Environmental Awards program is the highest honor conferred by the Army in the field of environment and sustainability.

At Camp Edwards, on Joint Base Cape Cod, the Massachusetts Army National Guard is improving and increasing military training and readiness through the successful restoration efforts of the Impact Area Groundwater Study Program (IAGWSP). The restoration successes are a direct result of the work and dedication of the entire IAGWSP team and their partners at the local, state, and federal level. To mitigate this threat and protect public health and the environment, the IAGWSP created long-term environmental restoration and remediation programs.

The Department of Defense (DoD) 2020 Secretary of Defense Environmental Award. The Department has honored installations, teams, and individuals each year since 1962 for their outstanding accomplishments in innovative and cost-effective environmental management strategies that successfully support mission readiness.

The nominees' achievements include significant strides to conserve our nation's natural and cultural resources; protect human health; prevent or eliminate pollution at the source; clean up hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants, and munitions on DoD sites; and incorporate environmental requirements into weapon system acquisition. DoD also leverages technology to develop innovative solutions to existing and emerging human health and environmental challenges. A diverse panel of 54 judges from Federal and state agencies, academia, and the private sector evaluated nominations from the DoD Components to help determine the winners.

In 2020, DoD selected nine winners from a total of 30 nominees. For Environmental Restoration, Installation: Camp Edwards, Joint Base Cape Cod, Massachusetts Army National Guard adopted cutting edge electromagnetic induction sensor technology, known as the "metal mapper," to reduce the cost of source cleanup, enhance accuracy, and minimize the number of items requiring excavation. Camp Edwards decreased unexploded ordnance costs by up to 70%, and the installation is the only location worldwide to put the metal mapper technology into operation at an industrial scale.

The 2020 Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards winner's achievements support strong environmental programs that are vital to the Department's ability to successfully carry out its objectives, as well as safeguard military personnel and civilians, protect the environment, and support effective personal and institutional performance to enable the military mission.

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