JBCC Cleanup Team

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The Joint Base Cape Cod Cleanup Team (JBCCCT) is a joint citizens' advisory team that meets regularly to receive updates on and provide input to the Impact Area Groundwater Study Program, which is responsible for the environmental cleanup of the northern 15,000 acres of Camp Edwards, and the Installation Restoration Program, which is primarily focused on the environmental cleanup on the southern portion of the base.

This team was established in 2008 when the two cleanup programs combined their existing citizens' teams - the Impact Area Review Team* (IART) and Plume Cleanup Team (PCT), respectively - into a single advisory board. The team includes representatives from the surrounding communities, the programs and the regulatory agencies. JBCCCT meetings, which are open to the public, are normally held the second Wednesday of each month. Most meetings are held on Camp Edwards at a meeting facility located at 1805 West Outer Road. A photo ID is required for base access and, although not required, names can be added to the attendees' list by calling in advance. For more information and to arrange base access, contact Doug Karson at 508-968-4678, ext. 2 at the Installation Restoration Program or Lori Boghdan at lori.p.bogdan2.nfg@mail.mil at the Impact Area Groundwater Study Program.

*The Impact Area Review Team met from 1997 until 2008 to provide input on public concerns related to the ongoing investigation and cleanup effort at Camp Edwards.

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