JBCC Cleanup Team

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JBCC Cleanup Team Meeting

The next meeting of the JBCC Cleanup Team will be tentatively held on December 1, at 6pm via Microsoft Teams. The Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) and Impact Area Groundwater Study Program (IAGWSP) will host an online public meeting with the JBCC Cleanup Team (JBCCCT) on Wednesday, July 28th, 2021, at 6 p.m. Details will be provided at a later date.

At the July meeting, presentations and updates were provided on; Addition of New Team Members, Massachusetts Department of Public Health Update on JBCC related activities, Emerging Contaminants Update (PFAS, 1,4-dioxane), Military Munitions Response Program Update, AFCEC's Community Involvement Plan and IAGWSP Plume Overview. You can view the presentations at the following links:

For questions about the meeting or team membership contact: Doug Karson, AFCEC, 508-968-4678, ext. 2, douglas.karson@us.af.mil; or Lori Boghdan, IAGWSP, 508-509-2869, lori.p.boghdan2.nfg@mail.mil.

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