JBCC Cleanup Team

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JBCC Cleanup Team Meeting

The next meeting of the JBCC Cleanup Team has not been scheduled. At the August 30th 2023 meeting, the agenda included an IAGWSP update on per- and polyfluoroalkyl alkyl substances (PFAS). AFCEC provided an update on PFAS and military munitions response sites with a focus on the Old Grenade Courts. The presentations for each agenda topic can be found at the links below.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection representatives attended the online meeting. For questions about the meeting or team membership contact: Doug Karson, AFCEC, 508-968-4678, ext. 2, douglas.karson@us.af.mil; or Lori Boghdan, IAGWSP, 508-509-2869, lori.p.boghdan2.nfg@mail.mil.

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